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Below are some suggested links. The SCERTS, Floortime, GrayCenter and social thinking websites are tailored for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; however, given that these approaches are developmental in nature, they provide an abundance of information relevant to a variety of developmental issues. There are additional websites that phonology and parenting.

Hanen Programs; It Takes Two to Talk

The Hanen Centre is a not-for-profit charitable organization with a difference. We are a social entrepreneur, operating our business for a clear social purpose – to enable young children to develop the best possible language and literacy skills. Founded in 1975 by Ayala Hanen Manolson, a speech-language pathologist who saw the potential of involving parents in their child’s early language intervention, The Hanen Centre is  dedicated to addressing a pressing social problem – delays in language development in young children, including children with developmental delays and autism.


The objectives of the DIR®/Floortime™ Model are to build healthy foundations for social, emotional, and intellectual capacities rather than focusing on skills and isolated behaviors. Profectum is a community of professionals with the following vision statement: “Our vision is to create a community of caring families, clients, multidisciplinary professionals and leaders in the field. We are committed to promoting treatment approaches that address the unique needs of the individual at any stage of development from early childhood to adulthood, integrating the best treatment models across disciplines and intervention approaches.”

Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support (SCERTS)

This is a wonderful developmental approach founded in research based on typical child development. It is a family friendly means to engage your child and help to facilitate more neurotypical development across social and language domains.

The SCERTS® Model is a research-based educational approach and multidisciplinary framework that directly addresses the core challenges faced by children and persons with ASD and related disabilities, and their families. SCERTS® focuses on building competence in Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support as the highest priorities that must be addressed in any program, and is applicable for individuals with a wide range of abilities and ages across home, school and community settings.

Carol is best known for the development of Social Stories, a respected evidence-based practice used worldwide with people with autism of all ages.  Carol was the first teacher for students with autism at Jenison Public Schools in Jenison, Michigan 1977-2004.  In 1989, Carol began writing stories for her students to share information with them that they seemed to be missing, information that so many of us take for granted.  Many of the stories resulted in immediate and marked improvement in her students’ responses to daily events and interactions.

Carol is also known for initiating a very effective social philosophy that 1) ‘abandons all assumptions’, 2) regards both the typical and autism perspective as ‘equally valid’, and 3) recognizes the ‘social impairment in autism’ as shared (noting the well-intentioned but nonetheless misguided mistakes of parents and professionals).  She has completed groundbreaking work on some of the toughest topics in autism by reviewing the research, developing new theories, and proposing practical instructional strategies, most notably Gray’s Guide to Bullying (2004) and Gray’s Guide to Loss, Learning, and Students with ASD (2003).

Carol Gray and Social Stories

At Social Thinking®, our mission is to help people develop their social competencies to better connect with others and live happier, more meaningful lives. We create unique treatment frameworks and strategies to help individuals as young as four and across the lifespan develop their social thinking and social skills to meet their personal social goals.

Social Thinking

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