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Supporting the development of children to discover the joys of learning and communicating

Lynnwood Speech and Language Services, Bridging Seas to Communication is Susan Stewart’s vision, and now our combined vision, to capture how an SLP connect the “Cs” - communication, coordination of systems, social connection through caring and compassionate “coaching.”

We have been practicing over ten years in the Lynnwood area and are happy to expand our setting to offer more services to our families, offer community outreach, and bring in collaboration with our colleagues.

We as clinicians, strive to keep up with the latest research and how to transfer that research into treatment tailored for a child’s individual needs.

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18905 33rdAve W Suite 109 Lynnwood WA 98036


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Areas of Practice


Social communication encompasses joint engagement, shared attention, communicative intention, and shared meaning. It is a critical aspect to communication that allows people to exchange ideas, share experiences, and develop relationships.


Language can be broken down into receptive and expressive skills. Receptive language includes comprehension of spoken language and how words are understood in relation to each other. Expressive language includes sentence structures and the organization of information presented.


Speech is the verbal means of communicating. Speech difficulties can be cased by phonological errors, articulatory, or motor planning difficulties. It is the clinician's work to identify where the system might be lagging and how to best support its development.


Play is an effective modality to teach children the precursors to symbolic thinking and the dynamics of social interaction.
— Preissler